Waking Up Your Computer for Remote Desktop Access


Waking Up Your Computer for Remote Desktop Access

July 30, 2010

For energy conservation reason the workstation in your office very likely has been placed in a sleep mode to reduce the electricity consumed when your system is idle. This sleep state must be overcome before your system can response to your remote access request. This makes it necessary for you to issue a “Wake-on-LAN” instruction to your computer using a MyUNIverse transaction located in the “Emergency Preparedness” area. For time consideration we have also provided the direct link to this transaction below for easy bookmarking in your browser.


The quick and easy bookmark solution:




A login prompt for your CatID will be displayed For future use, bookmark this page before entering your credentials

Enter your CatID username and passphrase

The next page allows you to enter your computer’s hostname (yourcomputername; without the ad.uni.edu) then select "initiate wake-on-lan" Your machine will initiate waking up, however sometimes this can take 30 seconds or a minute to complete

Once awake your computer will accept connection for a set time interval (usually 20 minutes) before re-entering sleep mode You can initiate your remote desktop session to connect to your computer

If you have any questions, contact the Computer Consulting Center (319-273-5555) for assistance

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