Wakeup the PC then Run the Remote Desktop Program (RDP)


Waking Up the PC then Running the Remote Computer

March 16, 2010

Most university computers are set to automatically enter “Stand by” mode after inactivity to minimize electricity consumption. As a PC in this mode will NOT answer an electronic request to be remotely operated you must wake the PC using a “Wake-on-LAN” (Wake on Local Area Network) communication first.


The MyUNIverse transaction is under "Emergency Preparedness" (we suggest adding a bookmark in your browser) to do this directly is https://wakeonlan.its-is.uni.edu/cgi-bin/wakeOnLan.cgi.


This will avoid the extra sign in of CatID and passphrase. Otherwise, you can sign in to MyUNIverse and access the “Emergency Preparedness” tab.


Screen shots are shown below, however, the steps to do this is are:

 1) Launch your web browser and log into MyUNIverse with your CatID
 2) Find the "Emergency Preparedness channel"
 3) Find the "Work from home in an emergency section"
 4) Click on the "Wake-On-LAN"
 5) Enter your computer information (i.e. the same computer information as for your RDP client)
 6) Press enter or press "Initiate Wake-On-LAN" button

Assuming success, at that point your computer will to wake up and will now respond to your RDP Request software.



Click on the “Emergency Preparedness" tab



Now you will be prompted enter your CatID credentials a second time for this transaction.



Now enter your office workstation’s Hostname (i.e. itsus-peterson.ad.uni.edu) and press the “Initiate Wake- On-LAN” button.


At this point your PC is in the process of waking up and soon will be ready for access.



Next step is to run the Remote Desktop Connection program you setup previously.



Enter your Domain Backslash Username and workstation (Active Directory) password and press “OK”, then your workstation should respond.


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