How to Add a Counter to a Page

Web Page Counter on SUNNY

Here is a generic example of a line of code for calling Count from a web page. It may spill over into a second line of text but it is one, uninterupted, "line" of instructions.

<IMG BORDER=0 ALIGN=LEFT SRC= "/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?pad=1|grgb=000000| srgb=00f00|prgb=255;255;255|df=&ltaccount-filename [-secondaryinfo]">

where &ltaccount-filename [-secondaryinfo]> is to be replaced by the account owner and the "counted file" name separated by a single hyphen. In Sample 1 below, the account name is "bob" and the counter is on the file "index.html."

Note: Some accounts have multiple counters running. As long as the name of the file hits are being counted on is unique to the account, there should be no problems. However, there are some accounts that have the counter on files with the same name in different subdirectories. The purpose of the optional field, -secondaryinfo, listed in the general format above is to address this possibility.

For example, user bob has the two following web pages being counted.


This counter file should have the name of the parent directory (DO NOT USE THE / CHARACTER!!!) to make the counter file name both unique and informative (see Sample 2 below).

 (NOTE: These are Each One Long Line!)

Sample 1

<IMG BORDER=0 ALIGN=LEFT SRC= "/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?pad=1|frgb=000000| srgb=00f00|prgb=255;255;255|df=bob-index.html">

Sample 2

 < IMG BORDER=0 ALIGN=LEFT SRC= "/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?pad=1|frgb=000000| srgb=00f00|prgb=255;255;255|df=bob-index.html-document">

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