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UNI Information Technology Services
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Name ________________________________

UNI ID # ___________________________________
Department __________________________________ Phone________________________________
                               (street/office) (city) (state) (zip)
2. Type of Request:
[ ] New
[ ] Renew and restore account ____________________________________

3. Services Requested:
[ ] Central Electronic Calendar Account (Faculty and Staff only)
[ ] UNIX Web Space Account (<your Username>)
[setup nightly, account is your Username, initial password is 6 digit UNI-ID#]
[ ] Drupal Web Space Account (<your Username>)
[ ] MySQL Web Database Account (if setting up a web database for your web site)
[ ] Weblog - Blogging Account (Faculty and Staff only) ( Web Server)

4. Internet Access:
I have read the guidelines for Internet usage at I understand and will voluntarily abide
by these guidelines as established by Information Technology Services, the University of Northern Iowa. I also
understand and agree that my Internet privileges may be revoked if I fail to abide by the stated guidelines.

5. Account Information:
[ ] Faculty/Staff
[ ] Student

6. Signature _______________________________________________________________________

University users certify by signing this application that computing facilities will be used in accordance with applicable
policies, including the Use of Computing Resources, of the University and ITS.
The University of Northern Iowa requests this information for the purpose of authorizing access to Information
Technology Services computer systems. No persons outside the university are routinely provided this information.
Release of any information is governed by Board of Regents rules and applicable state and federal statutes. A response
under each item is required, your telephone number is optional. If you fail to provide the required information, the
university may refuse to grant your request.

Information Technology Services
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