UNI Student Telephone and Voice Messaging Guide


1. Dial: 3-7600 on campus or 273-7600 off campus
2. Enter: 5-digit extension, followed by # sign
3. Enter: password
The initial password for all voice mail boxes at the university is: 9
enter this key the first time you are asked for your password.
4. Enter: # sign
As you use audix your name will be used in system announcements.
5. Enter: 1 and speak your name
6. Enter: 1 after speaking your name
7. Enter: 1 to re-record
8. Enter: # sign to approve

Passwords must be from 6-15 digits (no consecutive or repeating digits
are accepted)
9. Enter: new password, followed by # sign
10. Enter: new password, followed by # sign to confirm it
NOTE: Entering the wrong password 3 times will lock your mailbox.
If this happens call 273-7778 (system administrator) to request your reset
back to 9.

1. Login (dial 3-7600 enter 5-digit extension, # sign, password, # sign)
4. Enter: 2 to screen messages
5. Enter: 0 to listen to messages
6. Enter: *D (3 key) to delete message
7. Enter: 0 to rewind/replay message
Voice mail messages are automatically deleted from the system after two days.
New/unopened voice mail messages are kept for 15 days before they are deleted.

1. Login
2. Enter: 3 to administer personal greeting
3. Enter: 1 to create/change greeting
4. Enter: 1 (greeting number)
5. Record your greeting!
6. Enter: # sign to approve your greeting
7. Enter: 23 to rewind and playback your greeting
8. Enter: 1 to edit
9. Enter: # sign to approve
10. Enter: 1 to make this greeting active for all your calls

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