Page Formatting Tags

<center> This is an example of the tag.</center>

The following is a sample of the tag <p>. This tag acts as if you were typing in two returns.

The <br> tag tells the browser where to break up a line. The browser interprets this tag as a single return.

With the tag <pre width=# of char.> you can tell the browser how many characters wide you want the text to be displayed in.

<hr> The following is an example of the tag <hr>.

<hr size=# of pixels> This tell the browser how many pixels thick you want the hr to be.

<hr width=# of pixels> This tells the browser how many pixels wide you would like the hr to be.

<hr width= %> This tells the browser how far accross the screen to make the hr. It is relative to the size of the window of the browser.

<hr noshade> The hr will not have the 3-D shading effect if you use this tag.

<hr align=left | center | right>Aligns a horizontal rule.

<multicol cols=?>Multi-Column Text. </multicol>

<multicol gutter=?>Column Gutter </multicol>

<mulitcol width=?>Column Width </multicol>

<spacer> Puts a spacer in the page.

<spacer type=horizontal | vertical | block> Defines the spacer type.

<spacer size=?> Spacer Size.

<spacer width=? height=?> Spacer Dimensions.

<spacer align=left | right | center> Spacer Alignment.

<p align=left | center | right> Align Text. </p>

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