Image Tags

<img src=path> Includes an inline image.

<img border=#pixels src=path> Specifies how wide a border is around a picture.

<img src=path align=top | middle | bottom | left | right | absmiddle | abstop | absbottom | texttop | baseline> Aligns the inline image with the text. To see an example of a type, click on the word.

<img src=path lowsrc=path> A less detailed image over your image loads with your more detailed one building over it.

<img src="path" alt="****"> This places the contents of the alt tag in the browser when the image doesn't load.

<br clear=all|left|right> Stops the word wrap from the <align=left | right> command.

<img src=path hspace=#pixels> Puts space on either side of the picture.

<img src=path vspace=#pixels> Puts space on the top and bottom of the picture.

<img src=path width=#pixels height=#pixels> Specifies how large the picture should be displayed as.

<embed src=path> Insert object into a page.

<embed src=path width=#pixels height=#pixels> Object size.

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