Tags for Forms

Define a form. <form action="URL" method= get | post> </form>

File upload. <form enctype="multipart/form-data"> </form>

Input field. <input type= text | password | checkbox | radio | image | hidden | submit | reset>

Field name. <input name="***">

Field value. <input value="***">

Checked? <input checked>

Field size. <input size=?>   In characters.

Maximum length. <input maxlength=?>   In characters.

Selection list. <select> </select>

Name of list. <select name="***"> </select>

Number of options. <select size=?> </select>

Multiple choice. <select multiple>   Can select more than one item.

Option. ( items that can be selected ) <option>

Default option. <option selected>

Input box size. <textarea rows=? cols=?> </textarea>

Name of box. <textarea name="***"> </textarea>

Wrap text. <textarea wrap= off | virtual | physical> </textarea>

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