Creating a Support Article


Have text instructions ready to go.

Log into the Drupal site.


Click on CREATE CONTENT in the admin bar.

create content


Click on the item you want to create.  Example… SUPPORT ARTICLE.

support article





Choose the SERVICE and AREA if needed. Don’t forget to click ADD.

service area


Add other TAGS if needed. Do not duplicate TITLE and SERVICE terms.



Enter the Step-By-Step text in to the BODY. Use the FORMAT BAR if needed.  NOTE: The FORMAT BAR can make URLs and insert pictures.



Make screen captures and annotate.

capture picpick


Save in .png or .jpg format and give them a name like “1.png” “2.png” “3.png” so you know what order the pictures go on the SUPPORT ARTICLE.


We suggest saving all the files for the SUPPORT ARTICLE in a structure like this…  Support -> Email -> Thunderbird – > Remove Tabs. Save in the storage area of your choice. Example: a backed up network drive.

file tree


UPLOAD your pictures to the Drupal site.

On the FORMAT BAR click the icon that looks like a TREE. The Insert/edit image box will pop up.

format bar


At the end of the Image URL field click on the icon. This will open the FILE BROWSER box.

file browser


Browse to the folder where you want to save this SUPPORT ARTICLE’s pictures. CAUTION: Do not save directly under the IMAGES folder. Make sub folders using the MANAGE DIRECTORIES button at the top of the page. Create a new sub folder with a short name of the SUPPORT ARTICLE.


You can load all the pictures at one time or you can add then one by one, your choice. Click UPLOAD, then browse to the location of your pictures and click UPLOAD.


Select the picture’s file name so it’s highlighted in yellow and you see a preview of the pictures in the lower right corner of the box.

select file


Click on the button at the top named SEND TO TINYMCE. This will enter the path in the Image URL field.

send to tiny mce


Add a Image Description (alt tag) for ADA accessibility.  See this site for guidelines…

set diminsions


Change the dimensions only as needed. Set one value and leave the other blank to retain the correct aspect ratio.

set diminsions


Add a border if needed.

add boarder


Add space around the image if needed.

add space around image


Click the INSERT button at the bottom of the box to finish and insert the picture.

click insert button


Repeat as needed.

When you are done adding content to the BODY then click preview at the bottom of the page to review your work.

click preview


Make corrections as nessasary, preview again.

When you’re done editing click SAVE at the bottom of the page.

You have now created a SUPPORT ARTICLE.

click save

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