Panopto 3.0 Upgrade

ITS-Educational Technology has upgraded our Panopto server to version 3.0. With this upgrade you're going to see the enhancements that are listed below. 

  • New Browser-Based Editor for PCs and Macs - Panopto Focus 3.0 makes editing easy by providing a browser-based editor with a redesigned user interface. Panopto's new editor is accessible from all computers with an Internet connection and requires minimal training.

  • Upgraded Panopto Focus Recorder - The Panopto Focus 3.0 recorder will allow users to re-upload recordings when desired and preview video files before uploading. It also includes a new high-performance screen capture feature for Windows 7 users as well as an improved pause button. You will be prompted to download the new version when you launch the old version on your computer. Once you install the software, you'll be asked to enter the server address, your login, and a password. See graphic below for those values. Note that you'll need to replace "username" with your active directory user name which should be the same as your CatID. The password value is the one that you use to log into your work computer.

Panopto login

  • Redesigned Web Management Interface - Search, sort and store your recordings in the way that works best for you to make knowledge retrieval quick and easy. A new search bar empowers all users to search across all available content, while the streamlined interface provides viewers, presenters and administrators with increased sorting capabilities. You can get to the new web interface by clicking on Make sure that you login using your active directory account ( See graphic below. 

Panopto web login

  • Increased Viewing Functionality for Mobile Devices - Users can browse recordings and stream MP4 versions of new recordings directly from their mobile device, ensuring they are always connected to the content that matters most.

If you have any problems with the new Panopto software, please email us at with your name, and the issue that you are having. Thank you!


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