Setting up Adobe Contribute CS3 Support for Your Site


1. First we have to enable Contribute support for your UNI Web Hosting service website. Launch Dreamweaver CS3. Connect to your site by clicking on the Connect button.

Adobe Dreamweaver start screen.

2. Once connected successfully, go to the Site menu and choose Manage Sites.

3. Highlight your site and click on Edit.

Manage your sites window

4. Click on the Advanced tab at the top of the screen.

Advanced Site Definition Settings

5. Click on Contribute in the list of options on the left of the screen.

Site definition for SUNNY on Contribute

6. Place a check in the box for Enable Contribute compatibility.

Site definition for SUNNY on Contribute

7. You may get prompted to enable a few extra features like Design Notes and Check In/Out. Click OK.

Enabling options to use contribute

8. In the Contribute Site Settings dialog box, enter your name and your email address in the boxes provided. Then click OK.

Contribute site settings

9. Click OK to finish editing the settings. Click Done to finish with the manage sites dialog box.

10. Launch Adobe Contribute CS3.

11. At the Contribute CS3 welcome screen, click on Website Connection under the Create New heading.

Adobe Contribute welcome screen

12. At the Connection Wizard dialog box, click Next.

Connection Wizard welcome screen

13. Choose Website for what you want to connect to. Then enter your URL in the box below.

Choosing your connection

14. Now set up your Contribute connection according to the following settings. When done, click Next.

Connection Wizard web server address.

15. Then enter your full name and email address in the two boxes provided.

User information input field

16. You will now see the summary screen, click Done to finish setting up the connection.

Connection Wizard summary.

17. Your site is now set up in Contribute and will open in the main window for you to work with.

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