Global Studies



Global Studies, B.A.

The Global Studies major requires a minimum of 120 total hours to graduate. This total includes Liberal Arts Core requirements (pages xxx-xxx), the following specified major requirements, plus electives outside the major. Liberal Arts Core courses included in major program requirements are distinguished by italics. 

The major requirements themselves total a minimum of 33 hours (core courses 6 hours, thematic area 12 hours, geographic area 15 hours). Any prerequisites for courses in the thematic and geographic areas of study, as well as any additional required language study will raise the number of major credit hours past 33. Students with no foreign language preparation at the high school or college level may expect to complete up to an additional 20 hours in foreign language study. For many students the foreign language hours will be considerably less. Because of the diversity of study possibilities in the Global Studies major, as well as the diversity of academic preparation students will bring to the major, a maximum range of credit hours to complete the major cannot be provided. See the course listings for the thematic and geographic areas of study (program components II‑III), as well as the specific requirements for language proficiency (program component IV) below. Finally, note the two highly recommended components (V‑VI) of the Global Studies major‑‑study abroad and the Certificate in Non‑Profit Management and American Humanics‑as important additional preparation for professional employment.

This is an interdisciplinary program that draws upon courses from all five* UNI undergraduate colleges, and is housed in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.  (*Plans are in progress to consolidate the College of Humanities and Fine Arts and the College of Natural Sciences by June 30, 2011.)

Course selection and prerequisites: The Global Studies major does not limit the double‑counting of credit hours from the Liberal Arts Core or any other academic program. However, no double counting of credit hours is allowed between the different thematic and geographic areas, and between the required and elective components within any thematic and geographic area of the Global Studies major. Students may petition to have relevant experimental or readings courses or seminars count toward their major requirements. Per university regulations for all majors, at least 10 hours of course work must be in courses numbered 100‑199 (see page xxx for 4-digit numbers associated with 100-level courses). Courses which have  prerequisites will be indicated within each thematic/geographic area.  See the UNI catalog for course descriptions and prerequisites.

Grades, transcripts, and transfer credit: A minimum grade of C is required for all courses applied toward the major.  Courses 410:161 and 410:197 are credit/no credit courses, and the minimum grade of C‑ to receive credit will be allowed for these two courses. Transcripts will contain the student's geographic and thematic areas of concentration.