Advertising and Digital Media, B.A.

Global Marketing, B.A.

Marketing Management, B.A.

Sales Management, B.A.


Marketing, (available for non- business majors only)

Business Communication (also listed in Department of Communication Studies)

Certificate Programs:


Marketing Research & Consulting

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Marketing degree program and emphases

Marketing majors must complete the university’s 47-hour Liberal Arts Core program and 39 hours of a business core in accounting, finance, operations, law, computer concepts, economics, management, marketing and other business classes. Students take a contemporary three-course “marketing core” (Principles of Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research) and an additional nine hours of specific marketing elective courses. All marketing majors complete a “capstone” course in marketing, Marketing Strategy, before they graduate. The undergraduate degree also includes an additional 20 hours of electives. Non-business majors can choose a minor in marketing, which can be completed by taking 21 hours. The department offers a rich array of elective courses from which students can choose.

If you are planning to transfer to the University of Northern Iowa from a community college, work closely with a community college counselor and the UNI Office of Admissions. It is advisable to complete Liberal Arts Core requirements before coming to UNI rather than concentrating too heavily on business courses at the community college level.

Suggested certificates, minors and skills

Economics minor

Psychology minor

Business Communication minor

Modern Language minor

Computer skills

Interpersonal skills


Plan of Study

Discover the courses you'll take as a marketing major in the Plan of Study.


Positions in marketing are found in every type of manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing business. They are also available in service-related businesses, e.g., banks, health care industry, investment firms; not-for-profit organizations; and state and federal government agencies. Careers include positions as:

  • Store manager

  • Purchasing manager

  • Marketing research director

  • Sales manager

  • Product manager

  • Sales promotion manager

  • Advertising account manager

  • Pricing analyst

  • Public relations director

  • Wholesale manager

  • Media manager

  • International marketer

  • Wholesale and retail buyer

Employment for marketing personnel can be very rewarding. How far and how fast your income and responsibilities rise above the starting level depends on many factors, which include your willingness to work, your people skills and your individual talents. Most of all, it depends on your ability to get results, either through your own efforts or through others. Marketing graduates have a better chance of reaching top-level management positions. For example, according to a recent study, 29 percent of firms surveyed said that a marketing background is most suitable for chief executive officers.

Unique Features: 
  • UNI’s College of Business Administration is one of only 30 percent of all business programs in the United States accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

  • The College of Business Administration gives students a broad knowledge of business practices by requiring accounting, production, computer, law, finance, marketing and management classes for all business majors.

  • Students receive a solid foundation in the entire marketing discipline, as well as having the opportunity to study specialized elective areas within marketing.

  • The Marketing Department has a highly successful internship program through which students can apply to work in business firms as interns while still in college. This kind of experience gives students a definite competitive advantage in the job market after graduation. A cooperative education program administered by the university can also be used to the student’s advantage.

  • Marketing faculty have earned recognition for excellence in teaching at the department, college and university levels.

  • Most faculty members have business experiences as well, which allows them to relate their subject matters to real business problems.

  • The College of Business Administration also possesses an excellent computer facility, which gives students up-to-date knowledge for today’s business practices.

  • You get to know your professors well because the University of Northern Iowa is large enough to provide students with a variety of faculty, but small enough to give each student specialized attention.

  • Several courses in marketing include experiential projects that provide students hands-on marketing experience, e.g., designing an advertisement, preparing a marketing plan, developing new product strategy, conducting a survey and developing a sales promotional program. Approximately 85 percent of marketing courses are taught by full-time faculty with Ph.D. degrees from reputable universities across the country. The remaining courses are taught by business professionals with marketing backgrounds.

  • Students can also participate in a variety of international experiences by attending universities overseas.


The College of Business Administration is housed in the 100,000-square-foot, $10.2 million Curris Business Building completed in 1990. Computer laboratories and computer-assisted classrooms provide students with access to state-of-the-art software and technology. Computer linkages across campus, the nation and the world enable students to access databases and a vast array of resources for solving business problems.


Student Organizations

Leadership Organizations

UNIBusiness President's Council

Academic & Social Organizations

Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization
Phi Beta Lambda FBLA

American Marketing Association -- provides students an opportunity to acquire some professional experiences. Chapter activities include visits to businesses, guest speakers, attendance at regional and national conferences, and other professional and social activities.

International Club of Business Students -- club seeks to provide an avenue whereby American and international students have the opportunity to learn and discuss business practices of the global community.

MAC (Marketing, Advertising and Communications Professionals of Northeast Iowa) -- brings local business professionals together for networking opportunities and monthly meetings with professional business speakers from throughout the U.S.

Honor Organizations

Beta Gamma Sigma
Mu Kappa Tau
Pi Omega Pi
Pi Sigma Epsilon

Scholarships & Awards: 

To be considered for many University of Northern Iowa scholarships, you need only complete the application for admission. More information on department scholarships can found at Financial Aid.