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Philosophy and ReligionMajors:

Philosophy, B.A.

Study of Religion, B.A.






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Plan of Study

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Job titles held by students who majored in philosophy at UNI

Professor of mathematics, nurse, owner and president of automobile dealerships, chaplain, college president, manager at John Deere, analyst for the US Senate, chief court officer, bank clerk, pastor, director of education at a private school, quality manager, administrator in Head Start Centers, high school science teacher, drummer, administrator at a health care agency, community college instructor, videographer, professor of humanities, youth minister, professor of plant physiology, executive director of a non-profit agency, farmer, police officer, professor of philosophy. 

Of course, these jobs require additional training in technical skills and specialized knowledge. But these are easily gained by most philosophy majors.

Unique Features: 

Philosophy cultivates a person’s intellectual abilities in ways sharply distinguishing this major from many other disciplines. Philosophy skills set the foundation for many different jobs requiring analysis, judgment and ethical reasoning, as well as for graduate and professional study toward college teaching, law, medicine, business and other professions.

The academic study of religion provides necessary understanding both of our culture and of cross-cultural relationships, making it possible for students to live and work creatively and responsibly in a pluralistic society.

With its special focus on life’s big issues, and on understanding cultures other than one’s own, the study of religion fosters skills and perspectives for success in a range of employment situations, as well as preparing for graduate and professional study toward counseling, social work, law, politics, journalism, ministry, teaching and community leadership in non-profit agencies.


Student Organizations

Philosophy Club

Explorers of Religion Club

Scholarships & Awards: 

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