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Social Science: Plan A Specialist-Teaching, B.A.

Social Science: Plan B All Social Science-Teaching, B.A.

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Degree Program

There are four components to the social science degree: Liberal Arts Core (47 hours), Professional Education sequence (32 hours), teaching methods courses, and three social science endorsement areas. All students choose three discipline areas to develop their teaching credentials. The available endorsement fields are: American government, American history, world history, sociology, anthropology, psychology, geography and economics. For two of these endorsements, students must complete 21 semester hours. A minimum of 18 hours is required for the third. The social science degree is an extended major; therefore, minors are rarely pursued by students majoring in social science. The social science major is offered under the jurisdiction of the Social Science Education Committee and the general supervision of the dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. *Students deciding not to teach before completing this degree must pursue another major. It is recommended those students major in one of their endorsement areas described under the heading “Degree program” above.


Plan of Study

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The social science program prepares students for junior and senior high social studies teaching positions. The program is designed to provide students with a breadth and depth of knowledge in the social sciences and prepares students to use the most recently developed techniques and materials for teaching social studies. Students will develop the background and expertise to implement some of the newest trends in curriculum development. Many graduates continue to graduate work in one of the social science disciplines or in the study of law, as well as education.

Scholarships & Awards: 

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Scholarships are available to incoming freshmen in half to full in-state tuition amounts. Applicants must complete a test and interview on campus.

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