Suggested Repertoire - Jazz

Horn Players (Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone) and Piano/Guitar

Medium blues (choice of key)

Play memorized "head" and three improvised choruses

Medium-up bebop tune (e.g. Oleo, Confirmation, Donna Lee, etc.)

Play memorized "head" and two choruses


Play memorized "head" and one chorus

Be prepared for sight reading (both melody and chord changes).

If you are not an improviser, but have a specialty such as lead playing,indicate same. Prepare 1-2 excerpts that display your ability and be prepared to sight-read.

Pianists and guitarists should demonstrate comping ability for the above.

Note: Plan to bring a "play-along" recording - such as Aebersold - in the event a live rhythm section is unavailable.


Be prepared to walk bass lines in a variety of tempi for the following progressions:

  • F blues
  • Bb rhythm" changes
Be prepared to play the appropriate feels for the following styles:
  • bossa nova
  • samba
  • ballad

Play a jazz "head" (melody) of your choice.

Be prepared to sight-read.


Be prepared to play alternating 4-bar phrases of time and filling in the following styles in a variety of tempi

  • swing
  • bossa nova
  • samba

Demonstrate ability to play brushes at a variety of tempi, including ballad.

Be prepared to perform various styles with a live rhythm section.

Be prepared to sight-read a big band chart.