Graduate Music Faculty Committees

The Graduate Faculty of the School of Music is charged with maintaining the academic integrity of graduate music programs, requirements, and procedures. To facilitate governance of the graduate program, the graduate faculty is assigned to several standing committees:

Curriculum & Policy Committee

Concerns itself with matters related to the various curricular areas of graduate music study, requirements, procedures, and standards.

Julia Bullard, chair (ex-officio)
Alison Altstatt, music history
Theresa Camilli, keyboard
Jonathan Chenoweth, strings/LAC
Kevin Droe, music education
John Hines, voice
Amanda McCandless, woodwind/percussion
Tina Su, brass
John Wiles, large ensembles

Admissions Committee

Monitors admission policies and procedures.

Julia Bullard, chair/strings
Melinda Boyd, music history
Angeleita Floyd, woodwinds/percussion
Danny Galyen, music education/ensembles
Randy Grabowski, brass
Robin Guy, keyboard
Frederick Halgedahl, strings
Jean McDonald, voice
Robert Washut, theory/jazz

Examinations Committee

Involves itself with matters pertaining to diagnostic (taken upon entrance) and final comprehensive (written and oral) examinations, and any other matters in the general area of examinations.

Melinda Boyd, chair/music history
Korey Barrett, voice/keyboard
Julia Bullard, strings/music education
Jeffrey Funderburk, brass
Randy Hogancamp, woodwinds/percussion
Ronald Johnson, ensembles
Jonathan Schwabe, music theory

Thesis/Recital/Research Paper Committee

Sets standards and procedures for the Thesis, Graduate Recital, and Research Paper.

Julia Bullard, chair/strings
Alison Altstatt, music history
Ann Bradfield, woodwinds/percussion
Amy Kotsonis, music education
Chris Merz, jazz/music education
Leslie Morgan, voice
Alan Schmitz, theory
Dmitri Vorobiev, keyboard
John Wiles, ensembles
Anthony Williams, brass

Student Outcomes Assessment Committee

Oversees Student Outcomes Assessment Goals and Objectives.  Prepares Annual Report.

Julia Bullard, chair
Alison Altstatt
Ann Bradfield
Kevin Droe
Angeleita Floyd
Danny Galyen