Graduate Assistantships & Scholarships

Graduate Assistantships and Tuition Scholarships are available competitively each year from the Graduate College and School of Music. Please follow all deadlines as stated on the applications. Assistantships and Scholarships are separate awards and both may be awarded either as "full" or "half". Students participating in the Artist Diploma are not eligible to apply for Graduate Assistantships or Tuition Waivers.

Work commitments associated with a full assistantship are equivalent to 15-20 hours per week depending on assignment. Work commitments associated with a half assistantship are equivalent to 7.5-10 hours per week depending on assignment.

Graduate students receiving either form of assistantship will be considered "resident students" for tuition assessment purposes. Tuition scholarships may not cover all tuition costs including the student activity fee, which must be paid by all students. Tuition scholarships for summer sessions are available from the Graduate College on a competitive basis with other graduate students in the university.

Students receiving assistantships/scholarships may have their award renewed for a second year, assuming satisfactory service to the School of Music and progress toward completion of the degree. Graduate assistantships and tuition waivers only available to graduate students for two (2) academic years. All students must submit Graduate Assistantship and Tuition Application forms to be considered for second year assistantships and scholarships.

Those students who are awarded and accept assistantships/scholarships:

  1. Must enroll in, and successfully complete, a minimum of nine (9) graduate credit hours during both fall and spring semesters. Following your first semester, each of these nine (9) hours MUST be listed on your program of study.
  2. Must complete a minimum of seven (7) graduate hours each semester in courses that satisfy minimum degree requirements.
  3. Must enroll in, and successfully complete, at least one (1) "core" class each semester until core requirements have been satisfied.
  4. Must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0.
  5. May be required to perform in major ensembles as needed.
  6. Must remedy all deficiencies as revealed by the diagnostic exams by the end of the second complete semester of study.

Assistantship duties shall not interfere with scheduled coursework and other degree-related activities.

To be fully considered for an assistantship, all application materials/paperwork [i.e. University application, School of Music application, Graduate Assistantship application, Tuition Scholarship application, references and transcripts] must be received prior to February 1st. Auditions and interviews must be completed by February 15th for the following school year.

Students receiving Graduate Assistantships and/or Tuition Scholarships will be notified by the Graduate College and/or the UNI School of Music. Students must either accept or decline the offer in writing by April 15th.