Transition Task Force

This transition presents a strategic opportunity to launch a new era and bring closure to past events.

The Presidential Transition Task Force will ensure that:

      1. Transition between the current president and the new president is accomplished systematically;
      2. Contributions of the exiting president are celebrated appropriately;
      3. The new president is introduced to all aspects of the university community, local community and state as appropriate;
      4. The university community itself is meaningfully engaged in this transition;
      5. Input is provided for possible events to introduce President and Judy Ruud; and
      6. Feedback is given regarding key constituents that need to meet/engage with President Ruud the summer and fall of 2013.  

Please contact a member of the Transition Task Force if you have any questions or comments regarding the presidential transition.


The Task Force will delegate specific tasks to various university committees, departments or staff as appropriate, assuring there is broad involvement and communication between all stakeholders involved in the transition.


May 8, 2013

June 4, 2013

July 10, 2013

August - tbd

September - tbd

Transition Task Force Membership

Joel Haack

Dean, CHAS

CAC 266    0358


Jeff Funderburk

Faculty Chair    12-13 and 13-14

RSL 283    0246


Scott Peters

Faculty Senate Chair 12-13

SAB 351    0404


Jerry Smith

Faculty Senate Chair 13-14

CBB 259    0125


Pat Geadelmann

Governmental Relations

SRL 20    0705


Jennifer Yarrow

Asst. to President/Events & Protocol

SRL 20    0705


Kim Brislawn

Interim Executive Director of UR

EBAR 126    0392


Mark Rowe-Barth

P&S Council Chair 12-13

WRC 101    0201


Robert Smith

Executive Director, EOP/SCS

DPT 4730


Alicia Jessip

NISG Diversity Chair

MAU 111J    0167


Brenda Buzynski

Executive Assistant to the President

SRL 20    0705