December 11, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Presidential Search and Screen Committee
Minutes of December 11, 2012, Telephonic Meeting
Public Access Site:  Gilchrist 025

Roll Call of Committee Members

Present:  Stan Askren, Susan Baker, Jordan Bancroft-Smithe, Justin Bierman, Diane Bridgewater, Ken Brown, Nicole Carroll, Cliff Chancey, Susan Etscheidt, Jack Evans, Jeff Funderburk, Julee Jacobson, David Mason, Farzod Moussavi, Katie Mulholland, Mark Oman, Scott Peters, Dan Power, Mark Rowe-Barth, Beverly Smith, Jennifer Waldron, Anne Woodrick, and Diana Gonzalez

Absent:  Bob Donley

Others Present

Laurie Wilder, Porsha Williams, Aimee Clayton, and Carol Geiger

Co-chair Mark Oman welcomed Beverly Smith as a new committee member.  Beverly briefly shared her background information. 

  1. Call to order for December 11, 2012

    Co-chair Oman called the meeting to order at 5:05 p.m.

  2. Minutes of November 20, 2012, committee meeting   

    Chancey moved to adopt the minutes as written, seconded by Rowe-Barth.  Motion was unanimously approved.

    Press identification was requested at this time. Present were Jon Ericson from the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier and Alison Gowans from the Cedar Falls Patch.

  3. Search update
    Porsha Williams and Laurie Wilder have been aggressively recruiting candidates.  They have received 32 nominations for consideration.  Twenty candidates have submitted applications.  Ten candidates who have been nominated or recruited have expressed some level of interest in the position.  They are confident that a large percentage of those who have expressed an interest will submit an application.

    Parker Executive Search will post all candidate materials online on December 21.  They will provide their recommendation of candidates to consider at that time.  The search committee meeting on January 3, 2013, will involve a confidential review of applicant files and the selection of candidates to invite to airport interviews in Minneapolis on January 11 and 12.

    Laurie stated she is comfortable with where they are in the search process and will continue to recruit candidates through the holiday season.  They might need assistance from a committee member to help recruit a particular individual to get them over the threshold.  If that becomes necessary, she will ask the committee co-chairs for help in determining who on the committee could assist.     

  4. Candidate materials
    Porsha reiterated that candidate materials will be posted on a secure website beginning at 10:30 a.m. (CST) on December 21.  This will include resumes, references, letters of interest and answers to a short questionnaire.  Hard copies of materials will be provided to Dr. Moussavi.  The secure website will only permit viewing of materials; printing will be prohibited. 

    Committee members should review materials from December 21 – January 2.  Parker Executive Search will provide a survey tool to be used when evaluating candidates.    Candidates should be classified as:

    1)  I would like to interview this person.

    2)  I would like to discuss this person with the broader group.

    3)  I would like to remove this person from further consideration.

    The survey tool should be completed by the close of business on January 2, 2013.

  5. Candidate evaluations
    The search committee meeting on January 3 from 10 a.m. to noon will be held in 319 Curris Business Building.  An identification of eight candidates (more or less) should be made to invite for airport interviews in Minneapolis on January 11 and 12.  Four interviews per day is a comfortable schedule, but five can be accommodated, if necessary.  Search committee members could possibly go to Minneapolis on Thursday evening and return on Sunday.

    A question was raised about the survey tool used to evaluate candidates.  Besides classifying candidates, the tool allows users to input personal notes.  Another question was raised about the criteria used by the search firm to highlight candidates to review.  The search firm uses the information provided by the search committee that identified what they were looking for in a candidate as well as the information in the position description.  They have talked to some candidates numerous times and reviewed their background.  At the January 3 meeting, Porsha and Laurie may share what they’ve learned in these reviews and why others haven’t been recommended.  It was suggested that committee members review the “qualifications preferred” section of the position description as they evaluate candidate materials.

  6. Next steps
    A question was raised about the on-campus interviews which are targeted to begin on January 22.  Laurie indicated that the typical interviews are at least 1.5 days, with an evening component over dinner.  She will discuss with the co-chairs which constituency groups to include in the interviews.  The committee will be asked to help facilitate the on-campus piece.

    Another question was asked about the types of questions to ask candidates during the airport interviews.  The firm will send a template list of interview questions to the committee and ask for feedback.   Typically, 15-17 questions can be asked in a 1.5 hour time slot, with 10 minutes provided for candidate follow-up.  Questions need to be created so they flow.  Action-oriented questions, rather than theory-oriented questions, should be developed.  Follow-up questions can be asked to obtain additional information, if needed.  The search firm will conduct an orientation session with the committee prior to the start of the airport interviews.

    Logistical details will need to be arranged quickly for the on-campus interviews.  A subcommittee may need to provide assistance with this.  The public presentation component of the interview should be recorded for those who can’t attend, but should be protected from remaining candidates viewing it prior to their interview. 

    It was asked if a dial-in number would be provided for the January 3 meeting.  Mark Oman requested that committee members notify Carol Geiger if they are not able to attend and would need to dial in to the meeting.    

    Moved by Jacobson, seconded by Bridgewater, to adjourn the meeting.  Motion was unanimously approved. 

    Co-chair Oman adjourned the meeting at 5:46 p.m.