January 3, 2013 Minutes

Presidential Search and Screen Committee
Minutes of January 3, 2013, Meeting
319 Curris Business Building 

Roll Call of Committee Members

Present:  Stan Askren, Susan Baker, Jordan Bancroft-Smithe, Justin Bierman, Diane Bridgewater, Ken Brown, Nicole Carroll, Cliff Chancey, Susan Etscheidt, Jack Evans, Jeff Funderburk, Julee Jacobson, David Mason, Farzod Moussavi, Katie Mulholland, Mark Oman, Scott Peters, Dan Power, Mark Rowe-Barth, Beverly Smith, Jennifer Waldron, Anne Woodrick, and Diana Gonzalez

Absent:  Bob Donley

Others Present

Laurie Wilder, Porsha Williams, Aimee Clayton, and Carol Geiger 

Press identification was requested at this time.  Emily Christensen from the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier was present.

  1. Call to order for January 3, 2013
    Co-chair Oman called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.   

  2. Minutes of December 11, 2012, committee meeting
    Chancey moved to adopt the minutes as written, seconded by Mason.  Motion was unanimously approved.

  3. Discussion of candidates (closed session)
    Co-chair Oman stated that the UNI Presidential Search Committee has necessity to meet in closed session pursuant to Iowa Code section 21.5.1.i.  A 2/3 majority of the Committee must vote to enter into closed session.  At the conclusion of the closed session, the Committee will reconvene in open session.  Askren moved to enter into closed session, seconded by Chancey.  Motion was unanimously approved.   

  4. Next steps

        1. Logistics
          The search committee will meet at the Marriott Hotel in Minneapolis January 11 and 12.  An orientation session will begin at 7:30 a.m. on Friday over a continental breakfast.  Committee work should conclude by 5:30 p.m. on Saturday.  Thursday and Friday night hotel accommodations have been arranged. 
          UNI vans will be reserved for transportation to Minneapolis for those who wish to use them. 

        2. Interview questions
          The format for individual interviews was discussed.  Approximately 15-17 interview questions can be asked during a 90 minute question/answer session.  Candidates will then be afforded time to ask questions of the committee.  A 15 minute break will be provided between interviews.   Input on/changes to interview questions should

Moved by Mason, seconded by Chancey, to adjourn the meeting.  Motion was unanimously approved.

Co-chair Oman adjourned the meeting at 12:40 p.m.