October 9, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Presidential Search and Screen Committee

Minutes of October 9, 2012, Meeting

Center for Multicultural Education 109A/B 

Committee Members

Present on site:  Susan Baker, Jordan Bancroft-Smithe, Justin Bierman, Ken Brown, Nicole Carroll, Cliff Chancey, Susan Etscheidt, Jack Evans, Bettina Fabos, Jeff Funderburk, Julee Jacobson, David Mason, Farzad Moussavi, Katie Mulholland, Mark Oman, Scott Peters, Dan Power, Mark Rowe-Barth, Anne Woodrick, Bob Donley and Diana Gonzalez.

Via Phone: Stan Askren and Diane Bridgewater

Others Present on site:  Craig Lang, Aimee Clayton, Sarah Harms, Carol Geiger, Laurie Wilder and Porsha Williams.

Via Phone:  Marcia Brunson


1.    Welcome and Charge to the Committee

President Lang started the meeting at 3:05 p.m. on October 9, 2012, with a welcome to the members of the Presidential Search and Screen Committee.   He discussed the importance of the committee’s work and the process they will undertake.  President Lang read the charge to the committee.

2.     Introduction of Co-Chairs, Committee Members, UNI Support Staff

President Lang introduced Farzad Moussavi and Mark Oman as co-chairs of the search and screen committee.  Mark Oman asked individual committee members and support staff to introduce themselves and identify their connection to UNI.

3.     Discussion of Legal Issues (open meetings law, open records law, confidentiality, meeting notices)

Aimee Clayton, Regents Associate Counsel, discussed the legal issues associated with the responsibilities of the committee.  She referred to the handout attached to the agenda dated October 2, 2012, describing the Iowa Open Meetings Law.  Discussion highlights included open meetings and closed sessions; electronic meetings; enforcement and penalties; and the operation of the UNI Presidential Search Committee.  The Iowa Open Records Law was described as it relates to the search committee for electronic and paper records.  Preservation of records and confidentiality were stressed.

4.     Discussion of Search Process with Parker Executive Search

Porsha Williams distributed a bound packet of materials prepared for the committee by the search firm.  Laurie Wilder discussed the role of the search firm as one of facilitation, recruitment and advisement.   A proposed timeline was shared that stressed the dates of January 7 and January 14/15, 2013.  January 7 is the proposed date to identify candidates for interviews and January 14/15 is targeted for possible airport interviews.  Trends in higher education presidential searches were shared and a draft advertisement was shown to the committee.

5.    Development of Committee Roster

A draft committee roster was distributed to each committee member listing their name, title, representation, phone number and email address.  Committee members were asked to confirm their information or revise as necessary.  It was suggested that another column be added to the roster to incorporate secondary phone numbers for those who wished to provide them.
Moved by Chancey; seconded by Bridgewater to adjourn the meeting.  Motion was unanimously approved.

Co-Chair Oman adjourned the meeting at 5:40 p.m.