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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Leadership and Innovation for the Future: Transforming Opportunities into Reality


The University of Northern Iowa will be nationally known for innovative education, preparing students for success in a rapidly changing, globally competitive, and culturally diverse world.


The University of Northern Iowa provides transformative learning experiences that inspire students to embrace challenge, engage in critical inquiry and creative thought, and contribute to society.
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an attractive, well-maintained campus environment that enhances the living and learning experience with an emphasis on environmental stewardship


in teaching and learning, scholarship and creative work, and service


characterized by challenge, transformation, and lifelong learning in a global society


a welcoming community that celebrates pluralism, multiculturalism, and the unique contributions of each person and group


integrity, responsibility and the highest ethical standards of students, faculty and staff


an affordable, inclusive educational environment

Academic Freedom

freedom of inquiry by students, faculty, and staff

The Success Metrics

How we measure Progress

The Goals

Priorities and focus

The Action

The initiatives that will get us there