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Balanced Use of Maucker Union

Participation rates**   (for total confirmed events)

Participation Categories

Baseline 2009-10

Y1 2010-11

Y2 2011-12

Y3 2012-13 Target
1. Student Organizations2,064 (7.7%)2,230 (7.7%)2,910 (8.8%)Maintaining balance in serving user groups, and maintaining current event levels while accommodating incremental growth
2. University Departmental23,928 (89.5%)25,616 (88%)28,897 (87.3%)
3. Non-university703 (2.6%)1,136 (3.9%)1,157 (3.5%)
 Total 26,722 (100%)Total 29,099 (100%)Total 33,093 (100%)
  Increase of +8.9%*Increase of +13.7%*

*increase over prior year

** Note:  Numbers for FY 2010 and FY2011 include:  Maucker Union, Lang Auditorium, Gilchrist Hall, Campus Grounds, Academic Space, Center for Multicultural Education, Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center and the Wellness Recreation Center.  In FY 2012, the McLeod Center, UNI Dome, West Gym and athletic facilities were added to the system

Cooperative Programming

  • Programs like Family Weekend and Welcome Weekend continue to be collaborative, University-wide events. 

  • Annual Student Leadership Awards are a cooperative venture between Student Affairs departments. 

  • Athletics, GBPAC and Maucker Union cooperatively produced Bob Dylan concert in October, 2010 and will produce Meat Loaf concert in October, 2012.