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Enterprise Risk Management

ERM Council will discuss the approach to recommend to the president at our July 2012 meeting. The end result will be a process to review how/if the identified major risk areas have been addressed, as well as a time line and process for recurring campus wide risk assessment.

Year 2 Milestones

1.  Outreach and information to the campus

  • Completed and made live ERM website May 2012

  • Identified nine key groups and completed informational sessions with six.

2.  Campus wide risk assessment

  • Completed 43 risk assessment interviews and summarized findings (summer/fall 2012)

  • Identified, categorized, and evaluated risks according to severity and likelihood

  • Condensed into 13 major risk items

  • Developed recommendations to mitigate each of the 13

  • Prioritized individual/topical risk elements and submitted to president Dec 11

  • Developed strategies to address priorities in Spring ’12.

  • Identified contact people as point persons for prioritized risks

3.  Review of all campus policies

  • Developed time line and process for review/update of existing campus policies during Spring ’12

Process and check list/procedure has been developed and sent to identified stakeholders.

Contact Info: 

Jan Hanish

Assistant Vice President, VP for Administration & Financial Services