Leadership and Innovation for the Future:
Transforming Opportunities into Reality

Goal 1: Be a leading undergraduate public university that provides a strong liberal arts foundation

G1.Objective 1 – Provide a rigorous and relevant undergraduate educational experience that prepares students for the future

G1.O1.S1 – Identify, support, and promote undergraduate programs that raise the profile of the institution

G1.O1.S2 – Reshape the Liberal Arts Core to be innovative and interdisciplinary, and integrate liberal-arts learning outcomes throughout the undergraduate experience

G1.O1.S3 - Increase the graduation rates for minority students and close the gap between minority and non-minority student graduation rates

G1.O1.S4 – Mentor undergraduate students to conduct research and compete for national scholarships and fellowships


G1.Objective 2 – Provide a transformative learning experience that inspires student responsibility for their learning

G1.O2.S1 – Develop and implement collaborative and seamless first-year programs that contribute to enhanced student learning and engagement

G1.O2.S2 - Provide broad-based education that inspires critical thinking, creativity, openness to new ideas, and student responsibility for their learning


G1.Objective 3 – Recruit, develop, and retain faculty distinguished by their creative and intellectually rigorous teaching and scholarship

G1.O4.S1 - Improve recruitment and retention strategies for faculty and increase professional development opportunities

G1.O4.S2 – Enhance recognition of faculty for exemplary teaching, research, scholarship, creative activity, advising and engagement


G1.Objective 4 - Infuse an interdisciplinary approach into teaching, scholarship, and engagement

G1.O3.S1 – Establish university mechanisms to support interdisciplinary collaboration

G1.O3.S2 Support professional development to increase the number of faculty and staff pursuing interdisciplinary teaching, research, creative activity, outreach and grants