Leadership and Innovation for the Future:
Transforming Opportunities into Reality

Goal 4: Create and maintain an inclusive educational environment that prepares students to thrive in a diverse global environment

G4.Objective 1 – Ensure students are prepared to live and work successfully in a diverse world

G4.O1.S1 – Increase the number of students who participate in diverse cultural experiences

G4.O1.S2 – Provide more opportunities for students to have meaningful interactions with people from backgrounds different from their own


G4.Objective 2 – Enhance the international and domestic diversity of students, faculty, and staff

G4.O2.S1 – Broaden recruitment and retention efforts to attract and retain more diverse students, faculty, and staff 

G4.O2.S2 – Implement programs to infuse diversity awareness and accountability into the management and organizational culture


G4.Objective 3 – Equip students, faculty, and staff to engage positively and productively in diverse communities of learning

G4.O3.S1 – Enhance faculty and staff professional development in the area of diversity

G4.O3.S2 – Develop and maintain meaningful collaborative relationships with domestic and international communities

G4.O3.S3 – Broaden students’ intercultural knowledge, competence, and engagement through curricular and co-curricular activities