Leadership and Innovation for the Future:
Transforming Opportunities into Reality

Goal 5: Enhance the economic, social, cultural, and sustainable development of the state

G5.Objective 1 – Expand the university culture of community-engagement to increase the depth and breadth of participation

G5.O1.S1 – Increase community-based research and technology transfer

G5.O1.S2 – Provide faculty and staff development to support service learning

G5.O1.S3 – Increase service-learning opportunities and community-engagement in existing UNI courses


G5.Objective 2 – Provide support for the economic, social, and sustainable development priorities of Iowa

G5.O2.S1 – Assess and address the critical economic, social, and sustainable development needs of Iowa communities and the region through student, staff, and faculty engagement

G5.O2.S2 – Encourage and support student, staff and faculty entrepreneurial activity and technology transfer

G5.O2.S3 – Support workforce development by assisting state and regional workforce initiatives, including those that serve refugee and immigrant populations


G5.Objective 3 – Promote a broad range of artistic, athletic, cultural and other opportunities to Iowa citizens

G5.O3.S1 – Provide opportunities for primary- and secondary-school students to experience a variety of programs at UNI and in their schools

G5.O3.S2 – Promote participation within the university auxiliaries (e.g. Maucker Union, Gallagher-Bluedorn and collegiate athletics)