Leadership and Innovation for the Future:
Transforming Opportunities into Reality

Goal 6: Ensure accountability, affordability, and access

G6.Objective 1 – Ensure accountability in all university operations

G6.O1.S1 – Implement consistent process-improvement and risk-management strategies across all university units

G6.O1.S2 –Engage faculty, staff, and students in sustainability and energy conservation initiatives, to ensure the efficient and effective uses of facilities and other resources

G6.O1.S3 – Increase Regents inter-institutional collaboration


G6.Objective 2 – Increase the number of non-traditional and distance learners

G6.O2.S1 – Support, expand, and improve online offerings and other alternative delivery methods to ensure increased access 

G6.O2.S2 – Provide professional development for faculty and staff addressing the needs of non-traditional and distance learners

G6.O2.S3 – Strengthen relationships with community colleges to improve transfer students’ transition process


G6.Objective 3 – Ensure affordability for university students

G6.O3.S1 – Increase four-year graduation rates

G6.O3.S2 – Empower first generation students and their families to access and understand information regarding financial aid

G6.O3.S3 – Increase the UNI endowment, sponsored funding, and student scholarships