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Personal Training

Monthly Fitness and Health Workshops

Each month office assistant and UNI personal Trainer Cody Wells and RS Personal Trainers will hold workshops over various fitness and health topics

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Personal Training Renewal
What is Personal Training?

The Wellness and Recreation Services offer an excellent Personal Training program that allows participants to work one-on-one with a Personal Trainer. Personal Training is a results-driven exercise program designed specifically for you.

UNI Personal Trainers will use their knowledge and expertise to get you motivated towards your health and wellness goals. Combine this with a variety of techniques from TRX training to cardiovascular programs, and we can steer you down the right path to success.

This program has an emphasis on health and wellness, providing current educational information, and motivation; all in a professional manner. Physical activity can be fun and beneficial for all fitness levels.

How do I get started?
For additional information please contact Instructional Fitness at (319) 273-5859 or

Client-Trainer assignments are based on first-come first-serve basis and pending trainer availability.

Potential clients can select from several packages to accomplish their health and fitness goals.

Fitness Assessments
The fitness assessment is a valuable tool when evaluating and designing your personalized exercise program.

Personal Training Instructors Course
Are you interested in becoming a Personal Trainer?

  • Attend a 10 week non-credit course that will certify you to become a UNI Personal Trainer
  • Learn ways to get clients motivated, adhering, and performing exercises to the best of their abilities!
  • Click on the link above to learn more!
Who is it for?

Our program welcomes any person throughout the UNI community. An individualized program will be provided to you that will tailor towards your goals. You will receive individualized attention, guidance, and motivation from your personal trainer.

Personal Training services are for:

  • Individuals of any age (18 and older) or fitness level
  • You must be a current UNI Student, Faculty/ Staff Member, Retire or immediate family member
  • People who need programs tailored towards their specific needs and goals
  • Individuals who desire accountability, attention, and positive feedback.
  • Anyone who has reached a plateau and would like to enhance their performance.
What does a session consist of?

Individual sessions may vary and include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Incorporating the components of total fitness including muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular conditioning
  • Guided fitness workouts
  • Monitoring progress and adjustment of workouts accordingly
  • Providing accountability and motivation in achieving your personalized fitness goal
  • Teaching safe and effective use of equipment to avoid injury
  • Teaching proper body mechanics
  • Teaching and providing exercises that suit your fitness needs
Our specialties include:
  • Strength training
  • Core Strengthening
  • Exercise Bands and Balls
  • Accountability
  • Aerobic and anaerobic training
  • Expertise
  • Sport specific training
  • Motivation
  • Rehabilitation Exercises
  • Other tailored programs
RS Personal Training Program Registration Policy Statement

Participation in the personal training program requires a commitment on behalf of the client, assigned personal trainer, and Personal Fitness Coordinator. Please consider the time commitment and monetary investment carefully before registering for this program. It is the policy of Wellness and Recreation Services not to provide refunds.

At times, circumstances may arise which require adjustment of purchased and scheduled sessions. If these situations do occur, the client and Personal Fitness Coordinator will discuss options on a case-by-case basis.

Personal Training clients need to complete all remaining PT
sessions within 3 months of their last completed session. Failure to do so
makes any remain sessions null and void.

Contact Instructional Fitness at (319) 273-5859 or if you have questions.

Personal Fitness Newsletter

RS Staff has created a personal fitness newsletter to help keep you up to date on the latest news in fitness. Follow the link below to view the first edition of the newsletter

October: 2013
May/June: 2013
March/April: 2013
January/February: 2013
November/December: 2012
Septmeber/October: 2012 (Issue 2)
September/October: 2012 (Issue 1)
July/August: 2012
March/April: 2012
May/June: 2012

If there is an accommodation you need in order to participate in a RS program or activity, please contact WRC 101 at 273-6275


If there is an accommodation you need in order to participate in a WRS program or activity, please contact WRC 101 at (319) 273-6275.


Human Dignity

We believe that all people, regardless of their differences, should treat each other with mutual respect and dignity. Diversity and individual rights will be honored and respected.