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Division of Student Affairs

Board of Directors for the Northern Iowan


The purpose of the Board shall be to govern, under the provisions of the Constitution and its Bylaws, the official student newspaper of the University of Northern Iowa, the Northern Iowan. The Board appoints the official Executive Editor and Managing Editor for the Northern Iowan and other officers, as it deems advisable. The Board also determines the payment of salaries and commissions to the staff members of the Northern Iowan.


The Board consists of three student members (graduate or undergraduate) appointed by the Office of Student Affairs. None of the students may be a current NISG Executive Officer or member of the NISG Senate or a current staff member of the Northern Iowan. Four members are appointed by the President of the University. Three of the members shall be faculty and one member may be either faculty or staff. One of the four members shall be designated by the President of the University as Executive Secretary of the Board. All four members, including the Executive Secretary, shall be voting members of the Board.

Current Membership

  Appointed by the President
Professor, Executive Secretary of the Board Christopher Martin Term ends May 2016
Assistant Professor Justin Holmes Term ends May 2014
Assistant Professor Adrienne Lamberti Term ends May 2017
Marketing and Promotions Coordinator, Continuing Education and Special Programs Jennier Colsch Term ends May 2015 

  Appointed by the Division of Student Affairs
Evan Cruise Student Term ends May 2014
Bridget Nulty Student Term ends May 2014
Tesfay Russell Student Term ends May 2014


To read the full version of the Constitution and Bylaws, click here.