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Division of Student Affairs

Student Conduct Committee


The Student Conduct Committee adjudicates student conduct hearings in accordance with the policies and procedures described in the Student Conduct Code. Generally, the Student Conduct Committee hears cases involving the potential suspension or expulsion from the University. The Dean of Students or designee presides over all meetings of the Student Conduct Committee.


Appointment and Terms of Members

The Student Conduct Committee is appointed by the President and is composed of six (6) students nominated by Student Government to serve two (2) year terms, four (4) faculty members nominated by the Faculty Senate to serve four (4) year terms, four (4) staff members nominated by the Vice President for Student Affairs to serve four (4) year terms, and three (3) faculty/staff chairpersons chosen by the President from the University at large to serve four (4) year terms. To be eligible for nomination students must have earned at least fifteen (15) credit hours of undergraduate course work or twelve (12) credit hours of graduate course work in residence at the University. The terms of voting members will be staggered as follows: one half of the student positions each year and one half of the faculty and staff positions every two (2) years.

Current Members

Hearing Chairpersons


Individual Studies

Karen Cunningham, Program Coordinator

Communication Studies

Victoria DeFrancisco, Professor

Dining Services/Piazza

Michael Weiglein, Manager



Faculty Representatives



Rob Hitlan, Professor

Rodd Library

Gretchen Gould, Assistant Professor

College of Education, Student Field Experiences

Karen Couch Breitbach

School of Applied Human Sciences

Mitchell Strauss, Professor



P&S Staff Representatives


Maucker Union

Mike Bobeldyk, Associate Director

Office of the Registrar

Jennifer Suchan, Assistant Registrar



Student Representatives


Conner Brakeville


Blake Findley


Amber Irlmeier


Leanna Schreur


Alyssa Turcsak