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Division of Student Affairs

Professional Development

Join us November 18 for the annual Student Affairs Professional Development Conference!

Agenda (view the full agenda)

8:00 AM - 8:30 AM  Opening Remarks - Dr. Terry Hogan
Keynote Address | University Room
Presenter: President Bill Ruud

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM Concurrent Session #1

Dogs, Cats, and Horses? Oh My! Making Sense of Service and Emotional Support Animals (Faculty Track) | Elm Room
Presenter: Ashley Brickley, Student Disability Services Coordinator

Don’t Risk It! - A Cybersecurity Panel | State College Room
Presenters: Sam Barr, SA IT Coordinator; Ken Connelly, ITS-Network Services, Associate Director; Eric Lukens, ITS-Network Services IT Security Policy & Risk Assessment Analyst; and Nancy Lindgard, Assistant Director of Residence

Time Flies: You’re the Pilot | Oak Room
Presenter: Kelsey Motley - Manager, Business Development, Panther Sports Properties

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM Concurrent Session #2

Student Mental Health Today: Where we're at and how you can help (Faculty Track) | Elm Room
Presenters: Mark Rowe-Barth, Associate Director/Student Wellness and Shawna Haislet, Health Promotion Coordinator

Recruiting and Retaining International Students | State College Room
Presenters: Felix Weigel, Grad Assistant, International Services; Genevieve Beecher, Associate Director International Students and Scholars, International Program

Fill Your Cup: Personal Development for Professional You | Oak Room
Presenters: David Glenn-Burns, Threehouse: A Wesley Foundation; Allyson Rafanello, Student Assistance/Outreach Coordinator, Dean of Students

11:00 AM - Noon Concurrent Session #3

Religion and the role it plays at a Public Institution (Faculty Track) | Elm Room
Presenter: Dr. Michael Waggoner - Professor, Educational Leadership and Postsecondary Education

Getting Ahead Without Getting Behind | State College Room
Presenter:  Mike Banasiak - CFP, Legacy Financial Group

Get Your Team OnBase and Hit a Homerun | Oak Room
Presenters: Lisa Feldhaus, Business Analyst - Imaging, ITS -Information Systems; Brian Emery, Assistant Director - Data & Systems, Financial Aid; Tom Reburn, Associate Director of Admissions for Data & Operations

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Affinity Groups

The Student Affairs Professional Development Committee is pleased to announce the formation of several Affinity Groups. An Affinity Group is a group formed around an shared interest or common goal to which individuals formally or informally belong. An affinity group can last as long as the group is still active or until a specific activity is done. Keep an eye out for new Affinity Groups that you may be interested in joining on our website. If you are interested in joining any of theses groups, please contact the person(s) listed for that group. If you are interested in forming an Affinity Group, please complete the following survey


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Volunteer Opportunities

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Committee Membership

The Professional Development Committee was developed to support and communicate the professional development opportunities for Student Affairs staff. Committee members include:

Co-Chairs: Carol Fletcher and Timothy Klatt
Ashley Brickley Renae Carrillo Rachel Cook Mary Friedrich
Gabe Gravert Haley Hastenstein Shelley O'Connell Anna McGee
Todd Thomas      
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