Northern Iowa Student Government

Candidates for 2012-13 NISG Election

By: mojohn on Mon, 02/20/2012 - 08:56

The following candidates completed their applicant petition and will appear on the ballot on MyUNIverse on Feburary 28 and 29. Be sure to educate yourself on the candidates and vote!

President and Vice President
Jordan Bancroft-Smithe and KaLeigh White
Trevor Monnier and Beth Monnier
Kyle Burns and Brendan Thompson

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 seats)
Andrew Miller
David Pope
Devin Davis
Eric Boisen
Jared Parker
Margaret Nervig

College of Humanities, Arts, and Sciences (5 seats)
Jordan Wilmes
Blake Findley
Stacy Lynne Howes
Tucker Olson
Christina Johnson
Alicia Jessip
Connor Hudson Ave
Jordan Leckband

Graduate College (3 seats)
Vincent Chukwuemeka
Chase Felchle

College of Business Administration (3 seats)
Tyler Moran
Thomas Madsen

College of Education (3 seats)

Undecided/General Studies/Other (2 seats)