Northern Iowa Student Government

Northern Iowa Student Government Election Discrepancies

By: Spencer Shireman on Mon, 02/28/2011 - 19:57

As results of the election that took place last week (Tuesday, February 22nd and Wednesday, February 23rd) continue to be analyzed, discrepancies have been found amongst the results. These contested findings have been narrowed to specific issues found within the ballots used during elections.

The Northern Iowa Student Government (NISG) Election Commission will be convening tonight (Monday, February 28th) at 9:30 in the NISG office to address these discrepancies.

The finding of these issues within the ballots cast in no way overturns the election results from last week. The action to be taken with these recent findings will be the prerogative of the NISG Election Commission, which will be meeting in the aforementioned location at the aforementioned time.

More details will be made available as they are discovered. NISG will be bringing updates not only in the form of press releases, but on social media also. Please continue to follow NISG for the most accurate details regarding this matter.

Any questions or comments will be directed to Spencer C. Shireman, Director of Public Relations for NISG. He may be reached at