Northern Iowa Student Government

Senate Agenda for the 24th Regular Meeting

By: mojohn on Wed, 03/07/2012 - 13:56

I. Call to Order – 7:00 PM
II. Roll Call
III. Identification of the Press
IV. Student Forum and Announcements
V. Call for Changes to the Orders of the Day
VI. Approval of the Consent Agenda
     1. Consideration and Approval of the Minutes
          a. 23rd Regular Senate Meeting Minutes
     2. Approval of University Committee Appointments
     3. Approval of Senate Standing Committee Appointments
     4. Approval of New Senators
          a. Thomas Madsen – Campbell Hall Senator
VII. Say Hello to Lisa
VIII. Special Business
     1. Amy Dillard
     2. Freedom Week: Rachel Danley
     3. Swearing of Thomas Madsen
IX. Reports of the Executive Officers
     1. President Walrath
     2. Vice President Goldsmith
     3. Director of Administration and Finance Reed
     4. Director of Public Relations Johnson
     5. Director of Diversity and Student Life Mayberry-Mayes
     6. Director of Governmental Relations Greenway
     7. Chief of Staff Brueck
X. Reports of the Standing Committees
     1. Organization & Finance – Givens and Trampel
     2. Government & Legislative Affairs – Parker and Derringer
     3. Public Relations & Programming – Koss and Lunn
     4. Student Affairs – Konrardy and Findley
     5. External Relations –Bancroft-Smithe and Gibbs
XI. Report of the Speaker
XII. Old Business
     1. SSB 2012-51 UNITY Week
     2. SSB 2012-52 Regents Day Funding
XIII. Non-Controversial Docket
     1. SSR-2012-24 Support through increased funding to maintain the academic excellence of the University of Northern Iowa
     2. SSR-2012-25 Supporting a United University of Northern
XIV. Controversial Docket
     1. SSB 2012-53 UNI Philosophy Club and Computer Club
XV. Adjournment