Northern Iowa Student Government

UNI Summer Class Registration News

By: drupalroot on Wed, 03/09/2011 - 15:33

Are you planning on taking a class here at UNI this summer? NISG enocurages you to take time this week to register for those summer classes, especially for those that will be offered during the May term. On March 15, Deans of the various colleges may choose to cancel May term courses with low enrollments. On April 15, June and July term classes with low enrollments could be cancelled as well. Please take the time to register for summer classes, even if you are not positive you will take them. You may always remove a class from your schedule at a later date (as long as it is before the first day of class) with no penalty. 

If you are seriously considering taking a course this summer but are not yet ready to register for the course, you may also write to the instructor for the course to indicate your interest. Please share this news with your classmates and encourage them to register for classes as soon as possible!