Northern Iowa Student Government

Increase in SafeRide Usage

By: Student on Wed, 01/20/2010 - 11:54

With the Spring 2010 semester underway, the Northern Iowa Student Government is pleased to announce its Fall 2009 ridership for the Weekend SafeRide. Overall numbers reveal an increase in 1,024 participants from Fall 2008 to Fall 2009.

A graph attached shows the increase from month to month.

The SafeRide provides a safe alternative form of transportation for UNI students and community members every weekend during the academic year (including winter and spring breaks). The program promotes responsibility for all members of the Cedar Falls community.

In April 2009, NISG was honored with the Commissioner’s Special Award for Traffic Safety from the Iowa Department of Public Safety. This annual award recognizes outstanding traffic safety contributions based on a commitment to traffic safety and service provided beyond routine duties.

The SafeRide route runs from 9:55 p.m. to 2:20 a.m. and is sponsored by UNI Public Safety. For more information on the SafeRide, a PDF download of its schedule and other NISG resources, visit


NISG Election Season

By: Student on Wed, 01/20/2010 - 09:15

The Northern Iowa Student Government campaign and election season will begin soon. 

Information packets complete with petitions will be available this Friday, Jan. 22 for President and Vice President candidates, and Senate candidates. Packets can be picked up at the NISG office. President and Vice President candidates must meet with Election Commissioner Mary Jo Halder in order to receive a packet. 

Packets are due Feb. 5. If an applicant does not turn in a packet by this date, his or her name will not be on the ballot. Campaigning begins Feb. 1. 

Voting will take place on Feb. 23 and Feb. 24 on MyUNIverse. Please check back for more details. 

Liberal Arts Core Review Survey

By: Student on Wed, 01/20/2010 - 09:04

The Liberal Arts Core Review Steering Committee (LAC-RSC) invites all faculty and students to participate in a short survey on the current Liberal Arts Core. The survey results will be used to help shape campus discussions about whether the current LAC needs to be revised and if so, how it should be improved. The charge of the LAC-RSC can be accessed at

The survey will be available on MyUNIverse for two weeks beginning Tuesday Jan. 19, 2010. Additional comments or questions about the survey may be directed to the committee co-chairs, Susan Hill ( and/or Virginia Arthur ( Your participation in the survey is very important to the work of the committee!

Textbook Tax Credit

By: Student on Mon, 01/18/2010 - 17:49

Save your course materials' receipts -- you may be eligible for a tax credit up to $2,500. The economic stimulus package signed into law by President Obama in Feb. 2009 makes the cost of college textbooks and course materials eligible for tax credits. This provision makes these academic tools more affordable for students and their families. For more information, visit

University of Northern Iowa announces first round of reorganization plans

By: Student on Thu, 01/14/2010 - 13:37

University of Northern Iowa President Ben Allen today announced the first round of a series of realignments of administrative and academic units at the university. According to Allen these changes will help the university more effectively meet the needs of students and respond to the realities of the state budget.

"Several years of reductions in state appropriations have severely affected our ability to maintain our current organizational structure," said Allen. "We've been developing strategies to help reduce expenses and increase revenue. Some of those strategies can go into effect immediately, while others will take more time."

With that in mind, pending Board of Regents, State of Iowa, approval, Allen intends to reduce the number of the university's administrative divisions from four to three. Effective July 1, 2010 UNI's Marketing & Advancement Division will be dissolved, eliminating one university vice president position.

The Marketing & Advancement Division is comprised of the Offices of University Marketing & Public Relations; University Development, which includes the UNI Foundation; and Alumni Relations, which includes the UNI Alumni Association. Bill Calhoun, current UNI vice president and president of the UNI Foundation, will remain as president of the UNI Foundation and will continue to report to Allen. University Development and Alumni Relations will continue to report to Calhoun. University Marketing & Public Relations, led by James O'Connor, assistant vice president for marketing and public relations, will now report to Allen.

"On the academic side, Executive Vice President and Provost Gloria Gibson has recommended combining UNI's Colleges of Humanities & Fine Arts (CHFA) and Natural Sciences (CNS), Allen said. "I strongly support this plan. It will have a positive impact and provide opportunities to improve student learning, efficiency and effectiveness."

 This move would mark the first time colleges have been combined at UNI.

"Combining these colleges will strengthen the academic offerings of the combined college and will help reduce administrative expenses," Gibson said. "CHFA currently doesn't have a dean. Given that fact, and that these two colleges provide the vast majority of our liberal arts core courses, the time is right to bring these colleges together with the goal of developing new, integrated programs that will serve the needs of our students and the state."

Gibson will appoint a committee of faculty, staff and students that will develop specific plans to carryout the reorganization. Consolidation of the two colleges is to be complete by June 30, 2011.

Joel Haack, current CNS dean, will be the inaugural dean of the new college. Haack will lead the transition team, as well as serve as CHFA dean until the new college is up and running.

Students enrolled in programs in the two existing colleges will be able to continue course work toward their degrees.

Along with the college consolidation, Gibson intends to combine the Department of English Language and Literature and the Department of Modern Languages. Samuel Gladden, associate professor of English will be appointed acting head of the Department of Modern Languages. He and Jeffrey Copeland, head of the Department of English Language and Literature, will lead a transition team charged with developing plans for a new, integrated department.

The college and department consolidation plans will require approval by the Board of Regents.