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UNI I Am A Hero - Amandajean Freking-Nolte

By: Spencer Walrath on Wed, 02/01/2012 - 01:08

This week's UNI I Am A Hero is Amandajean Freking-Nolte!

"Amandajean is the faculty advisor of SAVE Forum Actors (Students Against a Violent Environment). Not only does she make a difference to her many student members, but she makes a bigger impact on the lives of students all over campus in so many ways. First and foremost, SAVE is one of the best groups on campus in spreading awareness of many serious issues on campus; issues such as: rape, gender violence, victim blaming, dating violence, sexuality shaming, and so much more. Amandajean makes it the groups responsibility to deliver the awareness of said issues in a discussion based manner rather than through lecturing students. This opens up the chance for students to voice their own opinions, have educational arguments, and learn about the issues more independently.

SAVE provides scenes that are realistic for college students, putting the audience in scenarios they may have seen before or will see in the future; scenarios like: parties, clubs, dorm rooms, classes, etc. In every performance SAVE members provide resourceful contacts for students who may be in danger or know someone in danger which makes students aware of the extremely safe campus they live on, and often students do not know of those sources before the performances.

In addition to raising awareness for students and providing resources Amandajean also teaches all of her SAVE students (SAVErs) how to address the issues in their own lives. I have had many personal encounters with friends who have been raped or victimized and had I not known how to handle such scenarios, I may not have been the valued help that I was. She proclaims on a regular basis how it our (SAVErs) jobs to be there in these dangerous scenarios to make a difference and become active bystanders. I had a situation arise at a party I was at once, where a sober man was taking a drunk friend of ours into his bedroom. I immediately asked him to open the door while they were "only talking" inside, and informed on the Consent policy of UNI and that when a woman is under the influence of alcohol she could not give proper consent to him.

I have many examples to display why the knowledge we learn from Amandajean is making a major difference on campus. Five years ago, she probably would have been the one at the parties doing what we do now, but now that she is married and has a newborn she has to pass that knowledge on to us. I believe that ALL SAVE MEMBERS are worthy of being a hero, but if one individual had to take the award for what SAVE does for this campus, it would be Amandajean. Our heroic leader!" - Samuel Card

Congratulations, Amandajean, on your nomination!

Don't forget to nominate your friends and co-workers to be recognized as a UNI Hero! Simply go to the UNI I Am A Hero page located on the left side of our site ( and fill out the form.

Go Panthers!

Events of the Week - 1/30 to 2/5

By: mojohn on Mon, 01/30/2012 - 08:50

Tuesday, January 31 - UNI Coffeehouse Series presents Ben Rosenbush
8-9 PM - Hemisphere Lounge, Maucker Union
The UNI Campus Activities Board will host Ben Rosenbush, an acoustic artist who specializes in orchestral folk rock. Check out the special CAB Coffeehouse Series deal with Chats, and do some homework while you listen to this easy-going acoustic music. As always, CAB events are free for all students.

Wednesday, February 1 - Diversity Fair
1-2 PM - Commons Porch and Lounge
Held prior to the President's Town Hall Meeting on Diversity, the Diversity Fair showcases diversity efforts all across campus. More than thirty exhibitors will represent various student organizations, departments and programs. Stop by to see how you can get involved and learn about a variety of events, programs and efforts at UNI.

Wednesday, February 1 - President's Town Hall Meeting on Diversity
2-3 PM - Slife Ballroom, Commons
The entire UNI community is invited to join the President and the Diversity Council to recognize the ongoing diversity efforts on campus and reflect on what the future holds for diversity efforts. Dr. Heather Hackman, St. Cloud State University, will be the keynote speaker.

Thursday, February 2 - UNI Swimming and Diving vs. Iowa
5 PM - WRC Pool
Check out UNI's swimming and diving team as they take on the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Friday, February 3 - UNI Wrestling vs. Iowa State
7 PM - West Gym
Stop by the West Gym this Friday to see the Panther wrestlers go up against the Iowa State Cyclones.

Senate Agenda for the 18th Regular Meeting

By: mojohn on Wed, 01/25/2012 - 14:56

Agenda of the
Northern Iowa Student Government Senate
2011-2012 Session
18th Regular Meeting – January 25th, 2012

I. Call to Order – 7:00 PM
II. Roll Call
III. Identification of the Press
IV. Student Forum and Announcements
V. Call for Changes to the Orders of the Day
VI. Approval of the Consent Agenda
     1. Consideration and Approval of the Minutes
     2. Approval of University Committee Appointments
         Michael Perez - Student Conduct Committee
         Sarah Duster - Student Conduct Committee
         Tiffany Koss – Maucker Union Advisory Board
         Spencer Walrath – Educational Policies Committee
         Tori Hurst – Student Assessment Committee
         Patrick Gibbs - Public Safety Committee
     3. Approval of Senate Standing Committee Appointments
          i. Senator Gibbs- Vice Chair of External Relations
          ii. Senator Lunn- Vice Chair of Public Relations
          iii. Chris Miller- Organization and Finance Committee
     4. Approval of New Senators
          i. KaLeigh White- At-Large Senator
VII. Say Hello to Lisa
VIII. Special Business
     Jill Hohnecker- Election Commissioner
     EO 2012-24 Appointments to the Election Commission
IX. Reports of the Executive Officers
     1. President Walrath
     2. Vice President Goldsmith
     3. Director of Administration and Finance Reed
     4. Director of Public Relations Johnson
     5. Director of Diversity and Student Life Mayberry-Mayes
     6. Director of Governmental Relations Greenway
     7. Chief of Staff Brueck
X. Reports of the Standing Committees
     1. Organization & Finance – Givens and Trampel
     2. Government & Legislative Affairs – Parker and Derringer
     3. Public Relations & Programming – Koss and Lunn
     4. Student Affairs – N. Konrardy and Findley
     5. External Relations –Bancroft-Smithe and Gibbs
XI. Report of the Speaker
XII. Old Business
     1. SSR 2012-18 The Opening of the Great Reading Room
     2. SSB 2012-27 Student Affairs Pre-Professional Association
     3. SSB 2012-28 UNI Sociology Club
     4. SSB 2012-29 NISG Box
     5. SSB 2012-30 UNI Black Student Union Day of Silence
     6. SSB 2012-31 UNI Black Student Union Skating Event
     7. SSB 2012-32 UNI Black Student Union Quiz Bowl
     8. SSB 2012-19 Committee Reform Bill (Pending Removal from Committee and Placement on the Agenda)
XIII. Non-Controversial Docket
     1. SSB 2012-33 Students for Trevor and Beth
     2. SSB 2012-34 UNI Roast
     3. SSB 2012-35 UNIFI
XIV. Controversial Docket
XV. Adjournment

UNI I Am A Hero - Catherine Palczewski

By: Spencer Walrath on Tue, 01/24/2012 - 08:33

This week's UNI I Am A Hero is Catherine Palczewski!

"Beyond being an extraordinarily dedicated faculty member, Cate is the most brilliant, passionate and loving woman we have encountered in our last four years at the University of Northern Iowa. In addition to teaching classes which range in focus from gender issues to social protest to research methods, she is also a former debate coach. We are both fortunate to be products of her coaching and academic, professional and personal advising.

Through interacting with her throughout our tenure at UNI we have learned that while seeking Cate's advise on professional or academic pursuits may not result in getting an easy answer, we will always be infinitely more enriched if we follow her advise (e.g. Any student at UNI: Cate, I'm writing a research paper on ANY SUBJECT IN THE WORLD, have you read anything or could you suggest any literature or resources? Any given student will leave her office with either a stack of books or a list of resources to utilize).  

Her contributions to UNI are perhaps only matched by her legendary or perhaps mythical status to those in the debate community. She is consistently called upon to aid in the facilitation of the National Debate Tournament due to her expansive knowledge of debate and her ability to ensure order is maintained.

Cate's enduring passion and devotion to knowledge and societal progress is genuinely remarkable and worthy of hero status. It should be also noted that she is a 4.6 in overall quality on Rate My Professor AND is the recipient of the coveted chili pepper for hotness. While we believe she deserves a 4.9/5 (5's don't exist), we wholeheartedly support her as a chili pepper." - Rhonda Greenway and Allie Chase

Congratulations, Cate, on your nomination!

Don't forget to nominate your friends and co-workers to be recognized as a UNI Hero! Simply go to the UNI I Am A Hero page located on the left side of our site ( and fill out the form.

Go Panthers!

Missing Something?

By: Spencer Walrath on Mon, 01/23/2012 - 19:32

Did you leave something on the Safe Ride this weekend? Perhaps a backpack, keys, and/or phone? If so, be sure to call MET Transit, operators of the Safe Ride, at 319.234.5714.