Connecting the university with the community

It's easy to go beyond the classroom and into the community with the University of Northern Iowa's Lifelong University and Speakers Bureau. These programs have a great impact on individuals, businesses and communities in Iowa.

Lifelong University

UNI's Lifelong University (LLU) launched in 2005 to offer short-term, noncredit courses to the lifelong learner.

Spring 2013 Lifelong University:

"Sub Rosa: Art and Design at UNI"
 "Introduction to Medieval Chant"


 "Beyond Grant Wood's Limelight: 
Iowa's Forgotten Artists"


"America: The View From Abroad"


 "How My Students and I Use Photoshop in Digital Artwork and Graphic Design"

"We offer courses on a broad range of topics, such as art and culture, history, religion, and current events," said Stacey Christensen, public relations manager at UNI. "Our classes are targeted toward retirees, but we’ve also had younger people attend as well. Anyone who wants to continue to learn is welcome to the Lifelong University."

LLU offers four-week, three-week and one-time workshops in the fall and spring. Courses are taught by current and retired UNI faculty and staff who love to teach and share their knowledge and interests with others. Roughly 1,600 students have enrolled in nearly 70 courses since LLU began in 2005.

LLU classes begin again in February. Courses include an introduction to Medieval Chant, examining how art is acquired, borrowed and loaned from UNI, and discussing how America has been seen throughout the last two centuries, among others.

To register for classes, contact Kelli McCarthy at, 319-273-5141 or visit

UNI Speakers Bureau

Education can travel beyond the classroom with UNI's Speakers Bureau. The university has many talented faculty, staff and students who are willing to share their expertise.

UNI's Speakers Bureau is a great resource for community organizations such as Rotary Clubs, businesses and industries looking for speakers. Speakers offer professional development seminars, serve as guest lecturers and keynote speakers.

The speakers bureau includes more than 200 speakers and topics ranging from renewable energy sources, communication in the workplace, stress management, motivation, high school reform, world religions and more.

For more information or to request a speaker, visit