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Philosophy and Religion

Lecture: Does a President's Faith Shape Policy?

Cara Burnidge, assistant professor of religion, will present "Does a President's Faith Shape Policy? Woodrow Wilson as a Case Study for Today." This lecture will examine how faith has and has not shaped a president’s domestic and international policies and reform; it will conclude by offering insights on how to think about religion in policy making today. The lecture is sponsored by the Department of Philosophy and World Religion and the Department of History.

Guest Lecture: Critical Studies of Religion Fosters Inter-Religious Understanding: An Academic Experiment in India

Thomas Thangeraj, professor emeritus, Emory University, will present "Critical Studies of Religion Fosters Inter-Religious Understanding: An Academic Experiment in India." During the last 30 years, universities in India have established departments of religion which study religion from an academic point of view. This lecture will explore the extent to which this study might be promoting inter-religious understanding and harmony in India.

Death Panels, Soaring Costs, and the Nanny State: Separating Truth from Fiction in What Obamacare Means to You

This presentation will identify some of the myths and misinformation about the new Affordable Care Act, clarifying what is actually true about the bill, while pointing out both its strengths and weaknesses. Who will pay less? Who will pay more? Why? What was really going on with claims about death panels? What is going on with the web site? These and other questions will be addressed.

Aristotle, Clint Eastwood and Other-Selves: Aristotelian Ideas of Friendship in the films "Million Dollar Baby" and "Gran Torino"

Jason Grinnell, assistant professor of philosophy at Buffalo State in New York, will discuss the ways that the ideas of friendship offered by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle are embodied in the recent films, "Million Dollar Baby" and "Gran Torino" directed by Clint Eastwood.  


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