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Executive Vice President and Provost

Diversity Colloquium: "What You Think You Know About Politics...And Why You May Be Wrong"

Have you ever thought about these statements: legislators should have term limits; if we cut waste, fraud and abuse we could balance the federal budget; we spend too much money on foreign aid; the tuition rate at UNI is arbitrary and the administration should do something about it; Iowa is a purple state; there will be an "October surprise" that will determine the winner of the presidential election; and we should get rid of the Electoral College. Do you find yourself agreeing with them?Join us to find out how political science research can help us understand the ideas behind these claims and whether we should agree with them....or not.

Safe Space and Trigger Warnings: A Panel Discussion

Panelists Katelyn Browne, library; Ken McCormick, economics; Catherine MacGillivray, Womens’ and Gender Studies; and Xavia Publius, Women’s and Gender Studies, will discuss the ideas of safe space and trigger warnings, and their relationship with academic freedom. Since the University of Chicago sent a letter to all of its first year students dismissing safe space and trigger warnings in order to promote academic freedom, numerous academics have responded, some with praise and some with criticism.

Teach UNI project presentations

Jenny Bruss, RRTTC, will present “Rule #3 Never Assume,” how one inexperienced educator learned that assuming what your students know or don’t know can hamper teaching them the very subject you’re so passionate about sharing with them. Deb Young, Languages and Literatures, will present “Fighting Journalphobia: Helping Students Develop Academic Reading Skills.” Lunch will be provided.



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