Center for Educational Transformation


Founded upon the values of partnership and innovation, the UNI-based Center for Educational Transformation (CET) is a PreK-12 education research and development hub within the state of Iowa that is designed to respond to and be inclusive of all education stakeholders.  Through field-based and action-oriented research, innovative educational practices and effective policy analysis, the center works to leverage existing strengths to dramatically impact PreK-12 student learning and teacher effectiveness across the state and to inform the national education landscape.  The Carver Trust has provided two years of funding to help establish the center. 

Center Goals

The goals of the Center are the following:

  1. Research:  To conduct research aimed at transforming our current teaching, learning and educational systems.

  2. Practice: To distill, disseminate and encourage best practices in curriculum, instruction and assessment.

  3. Policy: To leverage partnerships across the state to inform decision-makers and drive policy grounded in research results.

  4. Innovation: To produce innovations to transform our teaching, learning and educational systems.

Center Interim Director Announced

Alan Heisterkamp has agreed to serve as interim director for the Center for Educational Transformation. See the university press release below.

Research Fellowships

The Center will support internal Research Fellows from UNI and other Regents institutions, as well as external Fellows in residence at UNI from across the country to conduct research and otherwise participate in the work of the center.  Fellows will be responsible for strengthening and expanding existing research themes, creating original research ideas, and working with partner sites to implement research results.  In addition, these individuals will seek external funding and disseminate their work in peer-reviewed journals as well as state and national conferences and seminars. 

Fall 2014-2015 Solicitation for Inaugural UNI Fellows

Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSAs)

One of the components of the new Center will be a program to engage Teaches on Special Assignment (TOSAs).  The purpose of the TOSA program is to directly engage current PreK-12 educators in the work of the Center.  TOSAs are in-service PreK-12 educators that receive administrative approval to leave their current teaching assignment and join the Center’s research activities for a temporary period.  TOSAs will be selected to provide strategic linkages between the Center’s research agenda and real-world classroom experience, to ensure that the Center is grounded in the practical application of its activities.  Input from faculty, administrators, and practicing teachers is needed to design the program effectively – please contact to contribute input to the Steering Committee. 

Student Assistantships

Beginning in 2014, the Center will support undergraduate and graduate students to participate in research and related projects within the Center.  Students interested in working with the Center may contact to be directed to the appropriate application process.