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Office of Academic Advising

Academic Success

Success in the Classroom

If you are concerned about your academic performance, the first steps you should take include:

There are many resources to enhance your academic success at the University of Northern Iowa. These are resources/offices that can be helpful to your academic progress:

  • Peer Academic Advisors in Residence (PAIR) – Peers in your residence hall who can help you find information, make connections, and navigate the university.
  • Academic Learning Center (ITTC 007, 319-273-6023) – Home to free services for your academic success including the Math Center, Writing Center, and Reading & Learning Services.
  • Tutoring Services at UNI
  • Educational Success Assessment – Can help you evaluate the factors that may be contributing to your current level of educational success at UNI.
  • Rod Library Assignment Calculator – Manage your time as you plan your research and writing to the day you turn in the assignment

Scheduling and Registration

The web registration system can be accessed through your Student Center on MyUNIverse.   Use the registration help guides and tutorials to learn how to navigate and utilize the web registration system.

Planning your schedule and registering involves more than picking your courses from the Schedule of Classes. As you create your schedule each semester, consider what will help you to be successful in your life. To do this you must consider the requirements of the courses, your personal needs, and any other commitments you have.  A question that may students ask is how many classes should I take in a semester?

Other resources to use when exploring your course options, planning your schedule, and registering for classes:

  • Exploring Majors
  • Survey of Liberal Arts Core Textbooks - A sample of textbooks and chapter headings from courses in the Liberal Arts Core
  • Liberal Arts Core web page – How can you benefit from taking Liberal Arts Core courses?  What are course requirements?  What skills and knowledge employers are seeking?

Adjusting Your Semester Schedule

Once the semester begins, you may need to make an adjustment to your schedule for one of many reasons.  Before you make any adjustment to your schedule, you should be aware of the semester deadlines for adding and/or dropping a class as well as to talk with your academic advisor.  Your academic advisor can help you consider and discuss topics such as:

  • Academic Information
  • Minimum Load Requirements
  • Academic Requirements
  • Reasons for Dropping

before making a decision.  It can be beneficial to review the Deciding Whether or Not to Drop a Class flowchart for additional information and specific issues to consider.

From the online registration system, you can add or swap courses through the first seven (7) instructional days and drop courses through the first nine (9) instructional days of the semester (the last day to drop a class without receiving a "W" for the semester).  After these dates, a student must make the schedule adjustment in person through the Office of the Registrar.

Grades and Academic Progress

Calculating your Grade Point Average (GPA)

Academic Alert, Probation and Suspension – For undergraduate students, academic alert and academic probation serve to warn students that unless academic performance improves, s/he may be academically suspended.  No student in his/her first-semester in attendance at the University of Northern Iowa will be academically suspended.