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Career Decision Making (POSTSEC 1050)

Career Decision Making (POSTSEC 1050)

Career Decision Making (POSTSEC 1050) is a two-unit (elective credit) semester-long course offered in the fall and spring semesters.   Individuals take this course for many different reasons.  The overarching purpose of this class is for you as a student to understand the career and major decision making process and provide you with guidance in moving forward in your own personal decision making journey.  

The objectives for students in this class are to:

  • Develop an understanding of career decision making as a lifelong process - specifically focusing on your current situation and ability to make a well-thought-out career decision and appropriate choice of major;
  • Acquire a greater understanding of the role of interests, values, personality preferences, and skills/strengths play in the decisions related to academic and career choices;
  • Identify and analyze your individual career-related values, interests, personality preferences, and skills/strengths confidence levels and use this information to explore academic and career options;
  • Utilize diverse resources and engage in activities to gather information and develop perspectives related to academic majors and programs, careers, and the job market;
  • Engage in informed decision-making and establish goals for continued exploration or implementation of decisions;
  • Develop effective communication skills and personal presentation tools for your future major and career-related opportunities.

For more information about the Career Decision Making course, contact David Marchesani at 319-273-3406.