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Office of Academic Advising

First-Year Students

Advice from Alyssa
Academic advising is an important component of you educational experience and can be personalized experience during your first-year at UNI.  But you must be active in connecting and engage with your academic advisor.  Your UNI academic advisor can assist you in having a personalized educational experience by empowering you to explore, articulate and achieve your academic, career and life goals.  What happens if I don’t know who is my academic advisor?

Fall New Student Calendar  /  Spring New Student Calendar – Highlighting important dates and for each semesters.

Useful Resources for Your Academic Success:

Academic Advising from the Office of Academic Advising

If your academic advisor is in the Office of Academic Advising, you are encouraged to actively participate in the services, programs and opportunities that are planned for you.  

Meeting with your advisor on a regular basis is a specific and important part of building an academic plan.

By working with your academic advisor in the Office of Academic Advising during your first year at UNI, you will:

  • Discover your strengths
  • Based on your strengths, understand where you are heading in life, school, career and why (your purpose)
  • Combine your strengths and purpose to create an action plan to guide you through to graduation.

Appreciative Advising Themes for Your First Year:

Advising Matters

Your Academic Advisor from the Office of Academic Advising

Each advisor in the Office of Academic Advising has a syllabus and resources to provide you with guidance in your educational journey:

Biology (Anthony Smothers)  - Syllabus

Communication Studies (Jennifer Fitzgerald)  - Syllabus

Communication Science & Disorders (Angie Tudor) - Syllabus

Criminology (Heather Asmus)  -  Syllabus

Deciding (Heather Asmus) -  Syllabus

Deciding (Lacy Knipper) - Syllabus

Deciding (Jennifer Fitzgerald) - Syllabus

Geography (Heather Asmus) - Syllabus

History (Heather Asmus) - Syllabus

Political Science (Heather Asmus) - Syllabus

Pre-Nursing / Allied Health (Rachel Ruane) - Syllabus

Psychology (Lacy Knipper)  - Syllabus

Social Work (Heather Asmus) - Syllabus

Technology (Anthony Smothers) - Syllabus