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The choices we make for energy production have a huge impact on our future.  Our past choices have been fossil fuels.  Burning them for electricity and transportation has moved millions of tons of carbon dioxide from subterranean storage into our atmosphere and oceans.  The graphing activities we developed using data from Dr. Keeling to illustrate this issue are found at the bottom of this page.

What will be our future energy sources? We are supplementing fossil fuels with wind, water, and solar power now, but there are other technologies to explore for the future. Hydrogen fuel cells are one possibility. Did you know the same technology that was used for the astronauts to go to the moon is also available at F.R.E.E. for educational use? H2 fuel is a clean and emission free energy alternative. It combines hydrogen gas and oxygen gas to create water and this also creates energy. This energy source is created when distilled water is put through a cell. Once in the cell, the ions in the water are separated and the circuits turn on. The ions react when they pass through a light bulb and electrical current is created for use to actually power cars!

At Fabulous Resources for Energy Education, we offer materials and activities to be loaned out for H2 Fuel education. Our popular product is the Intelligent FC Cell Car Kit that allows students to understand the uses of fuels cells. Find more materials, activities and lesson plans for H2 Fuel below.

F.R.E.E. Future Energy Materials:

Intelligent FC Cell Car Kits

Intelligent FC Cell Car Kits

This is a fun way to teach students the uses of fuel cells and how they are used to power electrical devices with green energy. Included is a teaching manual along with experiments to test out the car kits. Available for Iowa educators to borrow (F.R.E.E. Loan Form).


Dismantable Fuel CellsDismountable Fuel Cells

This kit is a dismountable fuel PEM cell. It allows students to take apart and understand the dynamics of fuel cells. Available for Iowa educators to borrow (F.R.E.E. Loan Form).

Methanol Fuel CellMethanol Fuel Cell

Help students understand the differences between a gas (hydrogen) as an energy carrier and a liquid (methanol) as an energy carrier. This is a simple activity that will allow the students to discover which cell is more powerful. Available for Iowa educators to borrow (F.R.E.E. Loan Form).


H2 Videos and Book KitsH2 Videos and Book Kits

We offer H2 Fuel education materials to be loaned out to educators to help plan activities teach students the importance of H2 Fuel. Available for Iowa educators to borrow (F.R.E.E. Loan Form).


Carbon Dioxide Materials:


Hydrogen Fuel Cell Materials:


Warm Earth, Hot Earth, Cold Earth Materials:


  • Hot Earth, Warm Earth-An activity using two models of the water cycle to compare weather for a Warm vs. Hot Earth