Arriving on Campus

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Q: What do I do when I arrive at the University?

A: When you arrive to the university, you should come to the CIEP office in Bartlett Hall, Room 3025.  If a staff member from CIEP is picking you up at the airport, they will help you to check into your residence hall first. If you are arriving on your own, you may check into your residence hall before visiting the CIEP Office.


Q: How do I get to campus if I am not flying into the Waterloo Airport (ALO) or the Eastern Iowa Airport (CID)?  What taxi services or other transportation services are available?

A: If you do not fly into the ALO or CID airports (or if you do not request the CIEP airport service), you may take a taxi to Cedar Falls.    You can find information for taxi services and other forms of transportation on the Cedar Falls website at:


Q: What is the Orientation Program?  What happens if I don’t complete it?

A: The orientation program is a three-day event that helps new students to become familiar with the CIEP program and the UNI campus.  During this time, students will learn how to access their grades and university bills on MyUNIverse.  They will also take the placement exam for classes, visit the health center, take a campus tour, and meet the director and CIEP staff.  This orientation program is mandatory for all new students.  If a student does not complete the orientation program, he or she will not be able to go to class.  It is important that students arrive on time to complete the entire orientation program and begin classes.  Students who arrive late and do not complete orientation may miss several classes.  These absences may affect the student's academic probation status.


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