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Supply Request Form

The CIEP main office keeps basic office supplies on-hand for staff to use. There is no procedure for using office supplies; staff simply use what they need to do their job. In addition, staff members can request specific office products when supplies run low or are not available. Staff members should complete the following form to request office supplies. If the product is not listed, the staff member can write the product needed in the comments section below. Finally, if large amounts of an office product are needed, the office staff will check with the Program Coordinator for approval. Requests for more expensive items such as computers, office furniture, books, etc. should be listed in the comments section of this form and will be sent to the CIEP Director.

For issues regarding the CIEP offices and their facilities, please speak to the director. This can include issues about furniture, space, computer needs, shelving, security, air conditioning, lighting, etc. For routine issues such as non-working office lights or restroom malfunctions, please speak to the CIEP Secretary.