Staff Orientation

All CIEP staff attend an annual orientation at the beginning of the academic year. The orientation provides information to the staff about curriculum, policies, procedures, and other important information. It is an opportunity to norm staff regarding requirements and outcomes necessary to pass classes in CIEP and to update employees about any changes to the program made in the past year. Below are a variety of guides and resources that are important for all new and current staff members.  If you have any questions about staff orientation, please contact the CIEP:  
You can also find more information about being a P&S employee on the UNI Human Resources website.  If you are interested in attending a UNI New Employee Orientation, visit the UNI New Hire Orientation page to register.

Two weeks prior to the start date of new instructors, the CIEP Staff Orientation Schedule will be posted here.

For information on how to submit your time card, view your payslip or benefits, see the UNI e-business guides:

Office supplies can be ordered through the main office.  Click here to view more information about ordering supplies.

CIEP Instructors will also use Gradekeeper throughout the semester. This software is installed on all CIEP staff computers.  Click here to view the Gradekeeper Startup Guide.

Each session, the schedule of all classes will be distributed to staff. Click here to view the Class Schedule Guide.

Administrative staff use mail merge often for creating student reports.  View the Mail Merge Guide here.

All UNI students and staff have a Google Calendar attached to his or her UNI email account. View the CIEP Google Calendar Guide here.

CIEP Instructional staff will be able to use UNI's e-Learning system for their classes.  Instructors also use faculty center to record grades, view class rosters and more.

The CIEP uses Smartsheet to maintain student records including midterm progress and final grade reports.  During orientation, staff will be trained on how to use the Smartsheet software.